Though not primarily a shooting club, the HBSA does hold a number of competitions each years where shooters can compete using historical firearms. Many newcomers to historic arms shooting would be surprised to see just how accommodating the rules can be.  To be honest, we’re really keen to see people having a shoot so don’t worry too much about the kit; until you start posting respectable scores!

 Age classification – the firearm, not the shooter !

Vintage – A breech-loading rifle manufactured to a pattern in production before the end of 1890 and chambered for a contemporaneous (black-powder) cartridge, e.g. Lee-Metford Mk1(just!), Martini-Henry.

ClassicIn production after the end of 1890 and  before the end of 1918. Cartridge propellant other than black-powder alone. e.g. SMLE Mks 1 – IV, G98 (NOT K98), Springfield M1903 and Mk1

Veteran – In production after the end of 1918 and before the end of 1945.  e.g. Springfield M1903A1/A3, SMLE Mks V/VI . No.4. K98k.

NATO – Re-barreled or produced in 7.62 X 51 NATO, e.g. L39A1, Israeli 7.62 98k, Ishapore SMLE.